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Suzhou Midea · Yunzhu future life Museum
Date:2020-01-13 09:30:00 Share:
This project is not only a conventional sales department, but also contains the display status of a brand in a region with strong cultural cognition and its understanding of culture. As a designer, the design director is more expected to express an understanding of culture through this project, and integrate this understanding into the design, so as to become a harmonious part of the current regional culture.
In the deep cultural heritage, for hundreds of years to hold the traditional Chinese aesthetic ear. It's obviously inappropriate to use the technique like dazzle. At the same time, as the prosperous place of Chinese literati culture, the best way is to pay homage to Suzhou by using the method of "Book atmosphere, as far as possible, the natural interest is light".
In the overall treatment of the space, the designer, according to local conditions, understands the whole space as a slowly unfolding scroll, taking the blue brick and powder wall as the keynote, making a reverse contrast between the texture and color difference of the two materials, the dialogue between the blue brick and the terrazzo, expressing the Nanzong landscape state of "no powder dyeing, cloud mountain as the ink play", so as to make the space as empty and desolate as possible, innocent and light. This is also the source of the aesthetic essence of Southern Jiangsu for hundreds of years.
Inspired by Suzhou classical garden and Taihu Lake stone, the designer uses "skillful in borrowing" and "changing scenery step by step" to connect science and technology, humanities and art to form rich sensory experience, adapt to the functional requirements of different time and space, and make the whole project possible to become a city landscape. The openings of different positions and scales become the window to peep at the city, increase the interest and expand the space boundary, so that those who are in it become their own scenery when they are watching and being watched, which not only makes people smile.