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Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center
Date:2020-01-07 09:30:00 Share:
Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center is located in the eastern CBD of Longgang, Shenzhen. The exhibition center built in advance faces Longgang Universiade Green Park, the east side faces the future super high-rise main tower (or will become the highest building in China), the north side is close to the central green space, and the west side echoes the landscape mountain, with unique landscape and urban resources. The exhibition center will take into account the functions of planning exhibition, commercial marketing, art exhibition and cultural activities, inject new vitality into the urban area, and become the first business card of Shenzhen Hong Kong International Center for the public.
Combining modern technology and traditional culture, the architectural design takes "spiral scroll" + "layered gardens" as the core concept: the spiraling architectural form with LED transparent screen forms a hazy Xuan paper canvas to interpret the long scroll of national landscape; the volumes of different levels and orientations are overhanging to form a multidimensional three-dimensional garden, echoing the landscape in all directions Yes. The combination of the two aims to create an exhibition gallery with rich cultural heritage.
The art gallery floats on the water mirror, with light and shadow passing by, reflecting each other into interest. The body with tension is overhanging layer by layer, changing direction, and interacting with the surrounding fields. "Spiral scroll" follows the trend, spiraling upward, creating a hazy, quiet, or grand and majestic architectural atmosphere under the changes of light and shadow in different periods.
The core exhibition space "crystal exhibition hall" is embedded in it, warm and transparent, showing the public and open artistic tone. With the building rotating and projecting, the landscape terrace forms a "three-dimensional garden", which aims to create the air garden experience and form the continuity of indoor and outdoor temperament.
The "spiral scroll" adopts a double-layer curtain wall system, the inner performance curtain wall follows the functional layout, the outer form curtain wall spirals with the cantilevered form, and the middle cavity is built with a "led transparent screen" multimedia system.
During the day, the point glazed glass in the sun presents the pure temperament like Xuan paper, which is peaceful and elegant; at dusk, the afterglow of the setting sun falls on the picture roll, and the building and the sky are bright together; at night, the magnificent dynamic landscape circles around the building circle, which is magnificent and exciting; at night, when people are still, the gentle floodlight mode makes the building return to nature, quiet and peaceful.