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Tainan fruit and vegetable market
Date:2019-12-27 09:20:00 Share:
The new fruit and vegetable market designed by MVRDV for Tainan has been under construction. The open-air fruit and vegetable market has an open terrace roof terrace, which will not only become an important hub of the food supply chain in Tainan, but also become the center of Party and social interaction. People can also enjoy the surrounding landscape from the open green roof of the building.
Tainan Xinhua fruit and vegetable market plays a quite common role in the food industry, and MVRDV's scheme promotes it to a place where the public can experience delicious food and enjoy the scenery. The fruit and vegetable market is located in the east of Tainan, between the city and the mountain area, adjacent to the National Highway 3 and the public transportation hub, so both the buyer and the seller and the tourists from the surrounding farmland or the city can easily reach the market.
MVRDV has designed a simple and open structure for the fruit and vegetable market. The height of the roof is fluctuating, and the space with high height provides sufficient natural ventilation. The height of the terrace roof is gradually reduced. It is connected with the ground at the east end, along which people can reach the fluctuating roof terrace. The terrace on the roof will grow all kinds of local crops. Therefore, tourists can enjoy the unique scenery of Taiwan at the open platform. At the same time, the appearance of the building presents the form of rolling green hills, which becomes the continuation of the surrounding landscape. In a simple four story structure on one side of the market, there are administrative offices, restaurants and an exhibition center displaying local agricultural products. Therefore, the building will also become an ideal place for school visits. This additional four story structure pierces the roof structure and becomes another entrance to the roof terrace.