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Mission Hills Resort Shenzhen
Date:2021-12-22 14:13:51 Share:
Mission Hills Resort Shenzhen is designed in Southeast Asian garden style, with various spacious and comfortable luxury rooms. Each room is equipped with a terrace overlooking the stadium to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the stadium.
The hotel is located in Guanlan golf course, the largest golf course in Asia. It is a five-star resort hotel located in the golf course. In addition to being a famous golf and leisure resort, it is also a good place to pursue high-quality life and enjoyment.
The hotel combines Mission Hills Country Club and the Mission Hills Golf Club, the competition venue of the 41st World Golf Team Championship, towering in the moving scenery of rolling mountains and natural lakes, becoming a unique and proud leisure and vacation center here.
With world-class facilities, the hotel is an ideal venue for all kinds of activities, such as banquets, weddings, conferences, seminars, summits, exhibitions, expositions, exhibitions and concerts. In addition, an experienced service team works closely with all kinds of customers to meet their various needs, arrange and manage various activities for customers, and there is no need for customers to worry.