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Art house in Yalong Bay, Sanya
Date:2021-06-03 09:40:00 Share:
Sanya Yalong Bay Zhuxiu 137 art residential accommodation is located in the Bohou village of Sanya Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, adjacent to romantic Rose Valley. Located in the green mountains and clear sea between the embrace, feel the strong Chinese beautiful leisure rural atmosphere. The design of the house is elegant and comfortable. There are all kinds of romantic swimming pools, other pavilions and Tiantai restaurants.
The first floor of the house is equipped with a lobby bar, exquisite furnishings for visitors, various books for borrowing, and selected tea for tasting. The residential buildings are equipped with romantic swimming pools, quadrangle walls and eaves, which record the bustle and tranquility of Chinese style. Pool connected to other courtyard of the pavilion, gurgling water curtain, swimming fish. The first floor is equipped with self-service washing machine, which can be used for free.
Accommodation requires only a mobile phone to control the door locks, lights, TV and air conditioning. The first floor is on the street with tatami and tea table. The balcony of the room near the mountain is a leisurely garden view. The suite has floor windows, a single balcony, and a third floor suite with skylights. Each room is equipped with different murals and various lighting is expected to be read.
The guest room carefully selects the high quality washing supplies. Cleansing cream and water cream essence are essential for travel. The room slippers are Sanya local characteristics, the selected quality is trustworthy.
The name of the Tiantai is called the guanlou terrace. It has the highest viewing angle of view in Bohou village. It is backed by green mountain and faces Rose Valley. Wine wine, and friends and talk to the sky to take photos, let evening sky full of sunset to take your reflection.