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Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel
Date:2021-02-22 09:40:00 Share:
Guoxin Nanshan hot spring hotel is located 16 kilometers away from Changqing Road, Shuangyang District, Changchun City. It is adjacent to Jingyuetan National Forest Park in the north, Little Swan Lake in the South and Xinlicheng Reservoir in the West. It is surrounded by mountains with beautiful natural scenery, quiet and comfortable environment. The negative oxygen ion content is 300 times of the urban area, and the forest coverage rate reaches more than 80%. It is the real "natural oxygen bar" of the city. Romantic French style and scenery complement each other, luxury quality, natural fun are perfectly presented.
Covering an area of about 70000 square meters, the Hotel integrates leisure, entertainment, business and vacation. It is one of the most characteristic hot spring culture theme hotels in China. More than 300 comfortable and elegant luxury big bed rooms, double bed rooms, family rooms, etc. are fresh and excellent. The large pillarless banquet hall adopts the world's top intelligent sound and lighting equipment, which can accommodate 1000 people at the same time. It is an ideal place for holding various theme wedding banquets, social gatherings and business meetings.
Guoxin Nanshan hot spring is a medical grade compound sodium bicarbonate spring, with a daily spring output of about 7000 tons and a hot spring output of more than 60 degrees. It is internationally recognized as "beauty soup". Nanshan hot spring area, with an indoor and outdoor area of 20000 square meters, has an indoor hot spring area, children's hall, traditional Chinese medicine hall, hot spring villa, etc. along the natural ups and downs of the mountain, more than 70 characteristic hot spring pools are scattered among them, which gather the world to moisten and nourish the body and mind.