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Swan Lake Wetland Park, Rongcheng, Shandong Province
Date:2020-03-31 10:00:00 Share:
Swan Lake Wetland Park is located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. It is a natural wetland close to the Yellow Sea. The site is flat and open, full of reeds, and the water flows through it zigzagly. Every October or so, groups of swans will come down from Siberia to spend the winter. The beautiful scenery of Wetland Park and the arrival of swans also attract a large number of tourists to visit here. Therefore, the local government hopes to build a group of buildings in the park to provide tourists with sightseeing, catering and other services.
The building is located in the northeast corner of the wetland, which is backed by a lush black pine forest and faces the whole wetland landscape.
The image of the building in the site can be understood as a "bridge" and a "tower": the horizontal landscape corridor is 71 meters long, just like a long bridge on the wetland, floating overhead on the soft soil and water flow, which maximizes the continuity of the natural terrain, as well as a ruler extending from the wetland to the water surface, indicating the change of the terrain below through its own horizontal; vertical The watchtower is 15.6 meters high, just like the lighthouse beside the water, which provides a high point view for tourists to overlook the wetland and mount ma. Two volumes, one horizontal and one vertical, are closely related to the site in three dimensions of space.
At the beginning of the design, the function of the landscape corridor is only planned as coffee shop and toilet. The environmental factors around the building and the user's behavior require that it should be fully open to the wetland and pine forest landscape, so the building is naturally endowed with the third attribute of the former two in series. The building space is divided into three floors along the long axis. The coffee shop and toilet are arranged in the middle, and the traffic space is located on both sides.
On both sides of the half room outer corridor space presents two opposite temperament: the east side of the outer corridor is close to the pine forest, more inward and quiet; the west side of the outer corridor is facing the wetland landscape, more outward and open.