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We are familiar with tile adhesive so many "call"?
Date:2020-01-17 09:30:00 Share:
Tile adhesive, you should be more familiar with it, and its name is also very "pan". For example, "tile adhesive, mastic, overflow mastic, artificial stone adhesive" is its "common name". So next time you meet someone who says that, you should also immediately understand, oh, it's this kind of adhesive.
● points to be noted:
1. It should be noted that the performance of ceramic tile binder will be seriously reduced if the proportion is not accurate or the mixing is not uniform, and cement and sand are mixed into the binder.
2. The construction of ceramic tile binder requires high technology, the base course is not smooth, or the bonding layer is too thick and thin, which will cause stone hollowing and other quality problems.