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Classification of glue
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● don't you know the marble glue, AB glue and tile glue?
In engineering, such as adhesive type, screw type and other auxiliary fixing materials are often seen everywhere, but it seems that it is difficult for you to remember their use, sometimes the basic concept understanding is not right, so here we make a "general knowledge of adhesive" knowledge section to help you understand.
First of all, there are several types of "adhesives" that we most often contact in decoration:
1. According to the bond strength: structural adhesive and non structural adhesive,
As the name implies, it is used in the structural bond, which needs to have strong bond strength, firmness, toughness and other characteristics, such as dry hanging glue for curtain wall, dry hanging glue for stone, etc.
2. By use: roughly divided into the following three categories according to use
For material bonding, such as wallpaper adhesive, silicone adhesive, etc
For interface closing, such as putty glue, etc
It is used for seam sealing, such as pointing agent, sealant, styrofoam, etc
Based on the previous understanding, the following friend asked what "concepts" do you think are wrong?
1. First of all, adhesive or adhesive is the general name of "glue". We talk about AB glue, tile glue and styrofoam can be called adhesive. In addition, we commonly known as "structural adhesive" is also a general designation. There are many types of structural adhesive.
2. Artificial stone binder, said stone binder is OK, it and "marble glue" completely belong to "glue of different world", one is used for stone / ceramic tile paving, the other is used for "bonding material, fast fixing" and other purposes.
● sum up the above knowledge points with you, and learn about marble glue, tile glue and AB glue at last: