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Do you use tile adhesive correctly or not (2)
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Last time, we have learned whether the "tile glue" is right or not. The first part, let's learn the second part~~
[Scene 4: too long placement of tile adhesive]
The tile glue shall be used as soon as it is stirred, and the use time shall be controlled within 1 hour. It shall be discarded after it is dry and solid. Avoid mixing too much tile glue at one time. If the tile is not completely paved, the paste will dry. In addition, it is not allowed to continue to add tile glue powder and water to dry tile glue!
[Scene 5: too thick scraping]
When many bricklayers and decorators install the tiles, they apply a thick layer of tile adhesive on the base surface and the back of the tiles, which can be used for leveling the base surface, and they also think that the adhesive force of thick scraping tile adhesive is stronger. In fact, the flatness of the base surface should not be leveled by applying ceramic tile adhesive. The leveling material of the wall and floor should be used for pre leveling. The flatness of the base surface should be ≤ 3mm / 2m, and then the thin sticking method should be used for tile sticking construction.
In many construction sites, we will also see that the construction master seldom uses the tooth type scraper, but directly uses the flat trowel to directly scrape the glue. The biggest problem is that the amount of tile glue can not be well controlled. The thicker the tile glue is, the higher the adhesive force is. On the contrary, the tiles are more likely to empty.
Thin paste method refers to a very thin, about 3 mm (3-5 mm) of bonding thickness for ceramic tile, stone and other surface materials. When the tooth scraper is used to apply tile glue, the amount of slurry is controlled, the construction speed is faster and the pasting effect is better.