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Do you know the "curing speed" of sealant? (1)
Date:2021-03-14 09:40:00 Share:
"The cold winter months, count nine cold days.". If this season, the curing speed of building sealant is much slower, many users will be confused by this, here is to give you a popular science about the factors affecting the curing speed of building sealant.
One of the influencing factors: ambient temperature. Because the curing process of sealant is a chemical reaction process, the temperature of the environment has a great influence on its chemical reaction speed (curing speed). Whether it is two-component sealant or one component sealant, the higher the ambient temperature is, the faster the curing speed will be. In general, when the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, the curing speed of sealant will have a significant decline, especially for single component sealant, the complete curing time under low temperature conditions will be extended a lot. We should also feel the difference of curing speed of building sealant in summer and winter.