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How is carbon fiber reinforced construction? (8)
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Apply surface glue on the surface:
The surface of carbon fiber cloth is coated with surface glue to integrate carbon fiber cloth with matching resin.
The carbon fiber cloth is pasted smoothly. Confirm whether there is leakage of adhesive (about 30 minutes after pasting). Brush surface adhesive with roller brush, etc., and brush evenly along the fiber direction from the fiber to make the surface adhesive fully impregnated. Pay special attention to the tight connection between the end and the bottom.
The construction standard of carbon fiber cloth is one layer a day. At the end of a day's work, the pasting of carbon fiber cloth cannot be finished, and the surface glue must be applied.
After the surface is painted, the surface glue is solidified, and the floating, swelling and spalling of carbon fiber cloth are checked by eyes. The floating, swelling and spalling of carbon fiber cloth are corrected immediately.
Float and swell with defoaming roller, smooth along the fiber direction, and extrude the internal bubbles.
The peeling and wrinkles were repaired with a rubber knife along the fiber direction.
When the surface is coated with glue and solidified, do maintenance.