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How is carbon fiber reinforced construction? (7)
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Carbon fiber cloth paste:
After the primer is applied, carbon fiber cloth is pasted immediately to reinforce the main body of the concrete. Pay attention to the sticking direction of carbon fiber cloth, and ensure that the adhesive is completely impregnated and fully defoaming.
1. Prepare the carbon fiber cloth
Confirm the manufacturer, specification and quantity of carbon fiber cloth.
2. Cutting of carbon fiber cloth
Cutting of carbon fiber cloth: measure the size of the laminated part, and cut the required pieces with scissors or cutter.
After the cutting cloth is rolled up, keep it in a place free of dust, direct sunlight and moisture.
The waste cloth of carbon fiber cloth is treated as industrial waste.
3. Paste: after the application of paste adhesive, quickly confirm the paste direction of carbon fiber cloth and paste it on the application surface of paste adhesive.
According to the environment, the adhesive should be used for different time. When the temperature is high, the adhesive should be solidified quickly.
Check the pasting position, and paste it at the marking position.
The resin can be impregnated on the fiber by rolling along the fiber direction from the sticking end. If the two ends are irregular, the resin can be pasted from the center to the end.
The carbon fiber cloth lamination part is coated with resin, and then aligned and pasted;
The carbon fiber is completely immersed in the adhesive by rolling along the fiber direction with a defoaming roller.
It is important to make the carbon fiber completely immersed in the resin in the paste operation. If there is any negligence, there will be air left, resulting in poor paste with the reinforcement body.
4. Lap joint
When pasting carbon fiber cloth, it is difficult to operate because the cloth is too wide, so it should be cut to an appropriate width (≤ 300 mm). Longitudinal lap length = 150 mm.