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How is carbon fiber reinforced construction? (5)
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Leveling treatment:
In order to prevent air and swelling between the concrete surface and carbon fiber cloth, the main surface must be smooth, slightly concave convex, step difference, pinhole (bubble), etc., and leveling glue shall be used for leveling treatment.
1. Before leveling treatment, confirm the construction environment, construction area, whether there is ponding, whether there is precoating primer, whether the finger contact is solidified, etc.
Do not drench.
Confirm whether there is ponding on the construction surface, wipe off the water with cotton thread, temporarily place it, and confirm whether there is ponding again. In case of ponding, the construction shall be suspended.
Check the finger contact curing of precoated primer.
Confirm whether there is soil, dust, etc. on the construction surface. If so, remove with a hair dryer, cotton, etc.
2. Two component mixing of leveling glue
Confirm whether there is residual resin, solvent, dust, etc. in the measuring and mixing containers before use.
Leveling glue measurement: pay attention to the mix proportion of main agent and curing agent.
One time usage: the usable time and coating area should be considered, and the mixed measurement should be within the usable time.
Use electric mixer and scraper to mix well. It is difficult to stir the bottom corner of the mixing container, so special attention should be paid.
3. Apply leveling glue
Use metal scraper to level the concave part, pinhole and step on the concrete surface until it is smooth.
The amount of leveling glue is different according to the concrete surface state, but it should be based on the standard of smooth surface and smooth internal and external corners.
4. Leveling glue drying
The drying conditions vary with the ambient temperature. However, it is necessary to confirm the touch drying before moving to the next process (usually one day maintenance).
After the leveling glue is solidified, remove the bubble part with an electric grinding wheel and grind it flat.