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Small answer to the construction details of planting bar glue (2)
Date:2020-04-04 09:30:00 Share:
1、 How to inject the rubber into the hole?
1. The vertical hole planting bar can flow the glue directly into the hole.
2. For horizontal hole planting, Φ 6 fine steel bar or electric welding rod can be used to cooperate with rubber plate (clean board) to vibrate the glue into the hole, or the construction personnel can wear leather gloves to plug and vibrate the glue into the hole.
3. The steel bar and bolt can be put into the hole by rotating or hammering. When hammering, hold the steel bar or bolt with one hand to ensure alignment and avoid rebound. If the end of a short electric hammer bit is welded with a 6mm thick small iron plate, then the function of the electric hammer is adjusted to the impact state. By using the continuous impact force of the electric hammer, the resistance of the planting bar glue can be overcome, and the steel bar can be sent to the bottom of the hole quickly and without rebound. This method is recommended for large-scale or large-diameter planting bars.
4. The filling amount of anchoring glue shall ensure that there is a little glue overflow around the steel bar after insertion.
5. Main tools used: gloves, fine steel bars, rubber plates, hammers.
2、 How to use glue gun?
1. First, open the cover of rubber planting, replace and tighten the mixing nozzle;
2. Install the planting bar glue into the glue gun and push the handle of the glue gun to extrude the glue liquid;
3. The evenly mixed glue liquid initially extruded shall be discarded until the color of the extruded mixed glue liquid is identical;
4. The end of the mixing nozzle shall be extended to the bottom of the hole at the beginning, squeezed while retreating to ensure that there is no air in the hole. (when one piece of planting glue is not used up, the injection port can be sealed, and the mixed glue nozzle can be replaced for reuse.)