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Small answer to the construction details of planting reinforcement glue (1)
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1、 After the construction of planting bar glue, it is not reliable, and it will come out as soon as it is pulled out. What should I do?
A: there may be the following reasons for the above situation
1. If the construction is not carried out according to the design requirements, the hole diameter may be smaller and the drilling depth may not meet the requirements;
2. The dust or water stains in the hole are not cleaned;
3. There is no degreasing or derusting treatment on the reinforcement surface;
4. The planting glue is not fully mixed;
5. The amount of glue injected into the hole is insufficient or there is a gap;
6. The curing process may be pulled by external force.
1. Drill holes according to the specified requirements to ensure the size and depth of holes;
2. Special air cylinder and brush must be used to clean the dust in the hole, and repeated for at least 3 times;
3. The surface of reinforcement shall be derusted and wiped clean with acetone or alcohol;
4. If the barreled bar planting glue is used, the glue and curing agent shall be evenly stirred in proportion before being injected into the hole; if the injection type bar planting glue is used, the UN mixed glue liquid at the front end of the glue gun shall be squeezed out before construction.
5. When injecting glue, it must be injected into the hole slowly to ensure that there is no bubble or space in the hole, and the amount of glue injection shall not be less than 2 / 3 of the hole depth;
6. Do not shake the reinforcement or carry out welding work at the initial stage of curing.
2、 Can planting glue be used as steel glue?
Answer: Code for acceptance of construction quality of building structure reinforcement engineering (gb50550-2010) stipulates that during reinforcement, it is strictly prohibited to use "planting reinforcement and sticking steel dual-purpose adhesive".
Although both of them are paste epoxy resin adhesives, they have different requirements for performance parameters.
In terms of performance requirements, the tensile strength, tensile modulus of elasticity and elongation of the adhesive are also lower than that of the adhesive. If the adhesive is used for reinforcement, it is good to meet the performance of the adhesive and will not leave any potential safety hazard. If the adhesive is used for reinforcement, it will certainly leave a potential safety hazard if the performance strength and rigidity of the adhesive are not achieved.