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How to deal with stone packing column?
Date:2020-04-02 09:30:00 Share:
I believe that many young people will come across one of the "all sky pillars" in the frame, which gives people a thick and tall feeling. Then how do you deal with these pillars?
1. Base cleaning and repair: remove the floating and sinking on the cylindrical structure surface, fill the ash and block the holes, and ensure the base cleaning.
2. Wall surface measurement control: according to the requirements of the design drawings and the specifications of the processed stone, set out the vertical line and elevation line on the cylindrical surface. Pop up the vertical control line of the stone, set out the horizontal control line of the plate with the elevation line as the baseline, and determine the drilling position of the hanger.
3. Cylindrical drilling: YG type M10 expansion bolt is used, with the drilling diameter of 10.5mm and the hole depth of 60mm.

4. Column steel frame installation: the channel steel is connected and fixed on the reinforced concrete column structure with angle code, the full length vertical keel 8 channel steel is directly welded on the steel plate fixed with expansion bolt, and the two sides are full-length welded. The secondary keel is installed on the vertical keel, and 40 * 40 * 4 angle steel is used for the secondary keel.
5. Installation of stainless steel hanging parts: according to the determined point after measurement, after the stone in place test, tighten and fix the "t" type parts.
6. Arc stone plate installation: put the numbered stone plate into the seat temporarily, and use the adjusting hole of "t" type part to adjust. Adjust the perpendicularity and radian of the arc-shaped plate, and then remove the stone plate for local treatment. After the adjustment meets the requirements, connect and fasten the hangers.
7. Glue injection and caulking: when the arc-shaped stone is installed in place accurately, use marble glue to cover the gap between the hanger and the groove, as well as the stone joint.