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The correct use of dry glue for stone
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Dry hanging adhesive is suitable for the dry hanging of background wall, stone curtain wall and the bonding of wall and floor tiles. "Dry hanging" generally refers to the construction method of using steel skeleton for stone base and connecting the steel skeleton and stone with stainless steel pendant. Dry hanging of building external wall stone, full sticking point hanging and silk hanging of internal wall porcelain pieces; bonding and joint filling treatment of various stone materials, ceramic products, FRP, artificial stone, wood and hard metal; structural reinforcement, maintenance and reinforcement of bridges, highways and buildings. It is especially suitable for the bonding and dry hanging of light color marble or white marble and other high-grade jade. It has the characteristics of no yellowing, no color penetration, no oil penetration and good yellow resistance. Let's look at the basic knowledge of dry hanging glue.
1、 Usage:
1. Surface treatment:
The surface of the adhesive shall be dry, dry, dust-free and oil-free
Application of hanging glue in stone curtain wall
Firm and not loose. The paint on the metal surface, the floss on the concrete surface and other substances that hinder the full adhesion must be removed. If the stone or metal surface is too smooth, it must be properly polished.
2. Mixing method:
Use a small shovel to take equal amount of dry adhesive a and B, put them on the smooth surface (do not use a small shovel for a and b), and then use a small shovel to fully mix a and B until they are evenly mixed with the same color.
3. The mixed glue shall not be used beyond the construction effective time. The effective construction time is 10 minutes, the initial solidification time is 4 hours, and the complete solidification takes 2 days.
4. The adhesive parts exceeding the effective time of construction shall not be moved again. If it needs to be moved, the adhesive shall be adjusted and pasted again.
2、 Precautions:
1. The amount of glue should not be too much to avoid accelerated curing due to exothermic reaction and shorten the application period.
2. The bonding surface shall be free of water, and the stone must be removed from the wax layer, while the metal surface to be bonded requires oil, and the metal surface with epoxy primer can increase the bonding performance.
3. According to the mass ratio a: B = 1:1, take proper amount of glue solution and mix it evenly (based on the judgment of a: B two glue solution colors mixing evenly)
4. After mixing, the operation time of standard epoxy dry adhesive AB is about 30 (summer) - 60 minutes (winter), and the initial curing time at 25 ℃ is about 3-4 hours. If the temperature is low, the curing time needs to be longer. It can also be cured quickly by heating. Generally, it can be cured basically in 1 hour at 60 ℃.
5. Uncured glue can be removed with special cleaning agent, such as acetone, Tianna water, anhydrous alcohol, etc., and the cured glue can only be removed mechanically.
Preservation: the preservation temperature is suggested to be about 25 ℃.