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Basic knowledge of marble glue, AB glue and tile glue
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In engineering, such as adhesive types, screw models and other auxiliary fixing materials are often seen everywhere, but it seems that it is difficult for us to remember their use, sometimes the basic concept understanding is not right, so here is a "general knowledge of adhesive" knowledge block to help us understand.
1、 Classification of "adhesives" in common contact:
1. According to the bond strength: structural adhesive and non structural adhesive
As the name implies, it is used in the structural bond, which needs to have strong bond strength, firmness, toughness and other characteristics, such as dry hanging glue for curtain wall, dry hanging glue for stone, etc.
2. By use: roughly divided into the following three categories according to use
For material bonding, such as wallpaper adhesive, silicone adhesive, etc;
For interface closing, such as putty glue, etc;
Used for closing and caulking, such as caulking agent, sealant, styrofoam, etc;
2、 How to understand marble glue?
Can the dolomite glue, which is often contacted in construction, really stick to stone? See the following knowledge card for its material properties:
The color of dolomite glue includes beige and slightly deepened color. You can also add some color powder or color crystal to mix color to repair stones of other colors. Because the dolomite adhesive is a steel adhesive, the curing time is very short, and it is fragile after curing, so in the process of use, generally, the bonding material is temporarily fixed by the dolomite adhesive, and then structural fixation is carried out by the structural adhesive with relatively long curing time. That is to say, firstly use marble glue to fix temporarily, and then use AB glue to fix, so as to strengthen the strength of the weak part of the stone slotting. Therefore, marble glue plays a role of temporary fixation.
● when individual construction parties and designers do not understand the adhesive category, "disorderly" use of glue also occurs from time to time, such as the following
1. The marble is used to glue the stone, and the bond strength is not enough, which causes the stone of the bar to fall off (the most common quality problem in the construction due to the wrong glue materials in the drawings or the wrong use of the construction party)
2. The connection of stone hanging upside down is not reinforced with structural glue after fixing with marble glue (it may be due to construction negligence, some fixed points are not covered)
3、 Tile glue
We should be more familiar with tile adhesive. Its name is also very "pan". For example, "tile adhesive, mastic, overflow mastic, artificial stone adhesive" is its "common name". So next time you meet someone who says that, you should also immediately understand,
● points to be noted:
1. It should be noted that the performance of ceramic tile binder will be seriously reduced if the proportion is not accurate or the mixing is not uniform, and cement and sand are mixed into the binder.
2. The construction of ceramic tile binder requires high technology, the base course is not smooth, or the bonding layer is too thick and thin, which will cause stone hollowing and other quality problems.