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Celtic sewing treasure

Main performance indexes of Celtic porcelain sewing treasure
Product Brief
Main performance indexes
1. This product is made of epoxy. It is as hard as ceramic after curing. It is waterproof, mildew proof, impermeable and super adhesive.
2. It has strong adhesion with cement, sandstone, ceramic, plastic, metal and other base materials.
3. It has very strong weather resistance (- 30 ° C-80 ° C) and excellent yellowing resistance.
4. It has uniform color and strong anti pollution ability, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt and the growth of mildew in the joint, and is protected by the anti-bacterial system.
5. Low VOC emission, green environmental protection certification.
6. Beautify the tiles to the greatest extent, pave and paste the stones, and keep them brand-new forever, so as to make the facing more perfect.
7. It can be used instead of glass glue in kitchen, toilet and shower room. The product is hard in texture, not moldy, more beautiful and bright (the glass glue is easy to moldy and fall off).
Scope of application
1. Ceramic edge sealing and beautification for kitchen flow table, bathroom, sanitary ware, bathtub, balcony, windowsill, etc., with excellent mildew proof, bonding, sealing and waterproof effects.
2. The gap between the floor and the wall of hotels, mansions, villas, office buildings, communities, hospitals, food factories, swimming pools, etc., and the sealing, waterproof, permanent and antibacterial of the corner.
3. Quartz stone, natural stone, artificial stone, stainless steel and other special glue for the back water retaining arc surface of cabinet table.
4. All kinds of hard materials, such as plumbing pipes, metals, ceramics, stone materials, glass, wood, etc., are disconnected and bonded with each other, waterproof and sealed, reshaped and never falling off.
In the dark and cool environment, the storage period is 12. Please read the instructions and operation rules carefully before use

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